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Welcome to Cloughfern Community Credit Union.

Information about Cloughfern Credit Union, its practices and how to become a member can be read using the links on the left.

If you have a username and password, click here to sign in to your Credit Union account to perform the following tasks:

  • View your account status and balance
  • View your transaction history

  • If you do not have a username and password to access the secure area, and would like one, simply apply for one here.


    As local bank branches close we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Engage Current Account.

    This account will allow you to have money paid into it including benefits, pensions, wages etc and to make payments from the account to pay bills etc.

    A pre-paid debit card is supplied which will allow you to pay for goods and services and will give you 'Cash Back' paid directly back into the account when you pay for shopping, goods etc in shops such as ASDA, B & Q, M & S and many more.

    The account cost is £2 per month but with cash back this is more than covered.

    For those without a bank account OR if the Department for Communities wants your bank account details to pay your pension or benefits, this account will allow you to do this.

    Feel free to speak to contact the office on 02890 365851 for further information on how to open an Engage Account or a credit union account. (please note you must be a current active member of the Credit Union to have an Engage account)